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Step 1 - PTA Membership Information

  • Alert for all members!!! King Soopers donates to GHS PTA a percentage of all purchases you make using your gift card so please continue to refill your card for all future purchases. You can request a card or get a new card by contacting one of our PTA Officers. It is our understanding that if you earn rewards points with your credit card, you will still earn rewards points when you refill your gift card. This has the potential to be a terrific source of funding for your PTA!

Additional Members

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Step 3 – And now to purchase your memberships….

Please select your memberships below to get your total and either checkout with PayPal or bring your check payable to “GHS PTA” to the GHS Main Office. Our apologies for the inconvenience, but this page will reload and take you to the top every time you make a selection below. You do not need to re-enter any of the above information. Simply scroll down and purchase another membership, if necessary. 
Family membership $10 

Staff membership $7